The Symbolism of The Deer Totem – Black Magick Spells


In Celtic myths, the deer had the reputation of being among the oldest animals. Its natural elegance associated it with arts, especially with poetry and music. For the Ancient Celts, the deer was the king of the fairies, a supernatural being who led the fairy troops, and chosen humans, to his kingdom in the woods, the realm of the fairies.

The doe personified femininity, elegance and discretion while the deer spoke to us silently but without any doubt of independence, pride and purification. The forest was the domain of the deer, and in this way assumed the protection of its creatures. Not surprisingly, the Celts related the deer to the virility and fertility of the warriors.

In the heraldic representations, the deer speaks to us of peace and harmony, and declares himself as one who will not fight except when provoked.

Both in the Celtic culture and that of the Native Americans, the deer has a special talent for locating medicinal herbs, earning a special respect and reverence in the life of the tribes and folklore. The image of a deer or dead deer with the stamp in its mouth has assumed a special meaning in the art world, symbolizing unrequited love, lost love, or sadness of love. A deer trampling serpents symbolizes victory over temptations.

For the Native Americans, the deer symbolized the tree of life, the sun’s rays, longevity and rebirth. It also represents a zodiac sign for all those born between May 21 and June 20. China has many symbols for happiness and good fortune, and the deer is one of them. Infact, in China, the words “deer” and “abundance” sound exactly the same.

Buddhists like to tell the story of their teacher’s first lesson when their sacred presence attracted even the wild animals of the region, especially the deer. The current place where this first teaching of Buddha is supposed to take place is called “The Deer Park”. In some Tibetan monasteries, disciples in the form of a Buddha deer appear on both sides of the wheel of the Dharma.

The Deer’s Defensive Mechanism

To defend himself, the deer activates his incredible perception. He is extraordinarily sensitive to its surroundings. At the slightest noise or strange smell, its alarm system goes off. The creak of a branch makes him disappear with a jump. When running, they can reach a speed of  72 kilometers an hour and can jump up to 2.5 meters in height.

The Deer As a Spirit Animal

The male deer is related to the mystic currents of the Yggdrasil (Cosmic Scandinavian Tree). Apparently, for the shamans, the deer, or specifically, its antlers, symbolize access to the nine worlds (that is, to the nine different levels of shamanic wisdom). The shamans used to decorate themselves with antlers of deer, when they reached the maximum level of wisdom ”      

                                                –              Forn Sidr-

A common advice of the Deer says that you should always handle situations that might arise and avoid procrastination because the longer you leave it undone, the worst it could become.

The Powers of the Deer are:

  • Grace
  • Force
  • Mildness
  • Renewal


  • Enemy: The snake
  • Complementary animal: owl
  • Green color
  • Association: Light and sun

The Wisdom of the Deer includes:

  • Ability to listen, speak gently and act tactfully.
  • Grace and appreciation of the beauty of balance.
  • Understanding what is necessary for survival.
  • Power of gratitude and of giving.
  • Ability to make sacrifices.
  • Connection with the goddess of the forest.
  • Alternative roads to a goal.

Another interesting feature behind the deer totem is that they are able to use their regenerative power. This symbolism is really linked to the meaning of the antlers. Each year its horns fall and grow back or regenerate. Just as a deer is able to regenerate its body, people born under this totem are able to get up after being pushed to the ground.

Sweetness, innocence, kindness, compassion.

The young deer as a spirit animal, comes into our lives to remind us to seek the sweetness that heals all wounds. Apply sweetness in your current situation and everything will be solved. It can come to show us the need to calm down and pay attention to the most sensitive aspects of life.

The Deer as a Spirit Animal teaches us to find the kindness of spirit that heals all wounds, to stop insisting that others change and to love and accept them as they are. The only true balance of power is love and compassion.

The deer as a spirit animal teaches us to be at alert, to interpret even the smallest changes in our environment and recognize threatening situations. The deer teaches us to use especially the sight and hearing sense to understand our environment and the people around us.

The individuals related to this animal are intuitive, and with a well-developed extrasensory perception. Sometimes their thoughts run very fast, and they seem not to be listening. The deer harmonize very well with their environment, but they are very sensitive to sounds or movements.

What do you do when you see a Deer?

If a deer crosses your path, then it could mean that you are a very compassionate, gentle and loving person. If you do not have these qualities, then find out if you need any problem that needs to be addressed. Are you facing a challenge in your life?  If you are feeling negative emotions such as anger, try letting go.


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The Monkey as A Spirit Animal – Black Magick Spells


The monkeys are very intelligent animals that know how to live in an organized group and they take care of each other very well. When a monkey presents itself in our life, it teaches us to always be happy and to always find the positive sides to all situations, however complex they may seem. Monkeys teach us to check our pride and turn it into a positive quality.

Before delving into the Monkey as A Spirit Animal, it is necessary to state some differences between apes and monkeys. In general, monkeys are smaller and usually have a tail, while most apes lack them. Although both groups share strong social skills and strong communities, monkeys tend to be more social than the gorillas.

The monkey is often described in all myths as a clown, an animation artist, a party animal and a naughty one. Actually, this is true when you observe its behavior. If the monkey is your totem, you would have a fondness for jokes and tricks, and you would also have a good heart.

The  Symbols of Monkeys in Different Cultures:

The spiritual significance of the monkey in Chinese culture is related to its ingenuity, inner strength and generosity. The Indian Hindu god Hanuman is associated with the monkey. He is worshiped as  a divine protector and an embodiment of strength. The mere mention of his name is said to dissipate and eliminate negativity. Hanuman is pure kindness, compassion and love.

In the Mayan culture, the monkey serves as a symbol of creativity and courage. Certain tribes of Sumatra consider the monkey as a totemic animal, and its flesh must be avoided. For the inhabitants of the Indus Valley, the monkey was one of the untouchable animals and was considered sacred.

Christian iconology represents it carrying a mirror in its hand, in which case it symbolizes the weaknesses of the human spirit. If it appears, tied with chains, that would be a sign of evil.  In ancient Egypt, the mandrill was considered a god and appeared to be adorning some of the tombs of pharaohs. He was also a conductor of the spirits of humans and protected scholars and scribes.

If you see monkeys in your dreams, then that could be a sign of an internal dissatisfaction and disharmony in your psychic world.

The Monkey as A Spirit Animal

If a monkey appears in your consciousness, it could be a signal that you should pay attention to your loved ones. Maybe not in a physical sense, but you can offer them some support and encouragement. Let them know that you love them.

Monkeys can be very strong and have very interesting facial expressions. In fact, the howler monkey can be heard kilometers away and is considered one of the strongest animals. Their communication is complex and of a social nature.

The Monkey as A Spirit Animal invites us to contemplate what we say and how we say it. In other words, take a moment to objectively consider how you present yourself to others and to the world. In addition, the monkey will teach you how to be bold and confident. Monkeys are not shy, and whenever they detect a threat, they become very aggressive.


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The 7 Chakras for Beginners


The word Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit language and according to Tantric beliefs, there are seven wheels of energy in the center of our body. These are the chakras and they are all connected to each other through light, sound and color. Understanding the chakras allows us to understand the relationship between our consciousness and our physical body.

The seven chakras are the energy centers in our bodies that allow energy to be absorbed inward. Our whole body is governed by three vertical channels in which energy flows, and by seven main chakras.

When energy gets stuck in one or all of your chakras, it can often lead to illness. So it’s important to understand what each chakra represents and what you can do to support them and maintain the flow of energy.

The Seven Chakras Include:

  • The Root Chakra
  • The Sacral Chakra
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra
  • The Heart Chakra
  • The Throat Chakra
  • The 3rd Eye Chakra
  • The Crown Chakra

The Root Chakra
The 1st chakra, the root chakra, represents our foundation and all that is related to the earth and what secures us.


At the base of the spine, at the coccyx.

Emotional issues:

Survival issues such as financial self-sufficiency, money and food.



Healing exercises:

  • Walk barefoot on the floor. Remember, the root chakra is all that is related to the earth.
  • Practicing Kundalini yoga can open your lower spine.
  • The Bridge Pose is another good yoga pose to try.

Special foods (preferably organic):

Red-colored foods, such as apples and beets
Hot spices like red cayenne pepper and Tabasco
The vegetables of the earth like potatoes and carrots
Animal proteins like red meat and eggs

The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra refers to our ability to feel creative, relate to the intimate life, and acceptance of change.

Location: At the level of the lower abdomen, about five centimeters below the belly button.

Emotional issues: The feeling of living in abundance, well-being, pleasure and intimacy.

Color: Orange

Exercises for healing:

Pelvic thrusts

Cobra Yoga Pose

Special foods:

Orange foods like oranges and tangerines


The Solar Plexus Chakra:

The 3rd Chakra is the solar plexus chakra. It represents our ability to be confident and in control of our life.

Location: The upper part of the abdomen, in the area of the stomach.

Emotional issues: self-confidence and self-esteem.

Color: Yellow

Exercises for healing:

Dance. Shake the hips!

Special foods:

Yellow foods like corn

Cereals and fiber such as: granola and whole wheat bread

Teas like: peppermint and chamomile tea

The Heart Chakra

The 4th Chakra represents our capacity to love – the quality of our love, as well as our past and future love.

Location: Located on the chest, just above the heart.

Emotional issues: Love, joy and inner peace.

Color: Green

Exercises for healing:

Bikram Yoga
Just open your heart to others.

Special foods:

Green colored foods such as leafy vegetables and spinach.
Green tea

The Chakra of the throat:

The 5th Chakra represents our ability to communicate and express ourselves.

Location: The throat

Emotional issues:

Communication, personal expression through feelings and truth, the holding of secrets.

Color: Blue

Healing Exercises:

Singing, chanting.

Special foods:

Juices and teas
All types of fruits

The Third Eye chakra:

The 6th Chakra (Third Eye Chakra) is related to our ability to focus and see bigger.

Location: On the forehead between the eyes.

Emotional issues: Intuition, imagination, wisdom and the ability to think clearly and make decisions.

Color: Indigo

Healing Exercises:

  • The position of the child or other yoga poses with elbows forward.
  • Eye exercises.
  • Treatment with plant oil.

Special foods:

  • Purple fruits like grapes and blueberries.
  • Chocolate.
  • Tea flavored with lavender or spices.

The Crown Chakra:

The 7th Chakra, also known as the Crown Chakra, represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually.

Location: The top of the head.

Emotional issues: The inner and outer beauty, our connection to spirituality and pure happiness.

Color: Purple

Healing exercises:

  • Meditation
  • Running or cardio

Special Foods:

The Crown Chakra represents our spiritual connection to our environment. This chakra does not benefit from healing foods but by breathing in fresh air and the sun.

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The Witch and Her Spirit Animal


Have you been able to identify your spirit animal? According to the teachings in Shamanism, every human being has animals that are like spiritual guides. They can protect and guide you throughout your life journey. For others, these animals serve as counselors that guide them through the right path.

These spirit animals can change according to our needs, that is to say that they can spend some time with us then disappear until we need them again. No matter what your spiritual animal means to you, identifying it in your life can help you understand your Higher self in a better and deeper level.

It is also possible that we have several spirit animals at the same time depending on our present needs. How would you identify your spirit animal? If you are a little familiar with astrology, then you must be aware of your zodiac sign. However, several astrological signs can relate to different areas of our life. One of these areas says that your spirit animal is based on your zodiac sign.

There are many ways to discover your spirit animal; whether it’s through a dream, meditation, observing nature or other means. Keep in mind that you are likely to develop a relationship with several spirit animals that will guide you through the different phases of your life.

The following are the different ways to identify your spirit animals.

Dreaming of animals:

We often do not give dreams the importance they should be given. Meanwhile, most times there are hidden messages in our dreams. If, for example, you often dream of a parrot and soon after you meet a parrot, it is more than likely that the parrot is your spirit animal of the moment.

When you always see a particular animal:

If you are always seeing a particular animal everywhere you go then that could be your spirit animal. Note that, the fact that you see dogs or cats everywhere doesn’t mean that they are your spirit animal because those animals are common but if dragon flies or any other uncommon animals are always crossing your path, or coming to your house, then that animal could be your spiritual guide.

Unexplained connection with animals:

Have you noticed a strong attraction to a particular animal? On some occasions you might feel that a particular animal is chasing you. For example; on your birthday, you were offered a stuffed owl gift, then in the evening, when you turned on the TV, the first thing you saw was a documentary on owls. Before going to bed, a friend sent you a funny photo of an owl and the next morning, on your roof you still saw an owl. All these could be a sign that the animal is connected to you.

Meditate to know your spirit animal:

Another way to find out about your spirit animal is through meditation. Sit in a quiet place and meditate with full concentration. An easy way to call your protective animal during meditation is to imagine yourself in the middle of a forest and in the middle of a protective stone circle. Then mentally ask your spirit animal to appear. Without too much delay, you should see an animal appear, it will be your spirit animal of the moment or one of those who will guide you for a period of your lifetime.

How to Summon Your Spirit Animal

Sometimes, your spirit animal could appear on its own when it feels that you need its assistance but other times, you will need to summon it to appear. To call on your spirit animal, light some candles and incense. Once you have prepared everything, free your mind of any distraction and with your eyes closed, focus on the spirit you want to invoke.

Every animal has particular characteristics that can empower and enhance your magical works. Before you can control these creatures, you must understand the energies associated with them.

Below are examples of energies associated with some spirit animals:

Alligator – Strength

Ant – Industriousness

Antelope – Speed

Bat – Intuition

Bear – Knowledge – healing

Beaver – Beginnings

Bee – Co-operation – community

Bird – Rising above – freedom

Butterfly – Transformation – love – balance

Cougar – Leadership

Coyote – Quick thinking

Crane – Balance – dignity

Crow – Resourcefulness – magic

Deer – Wisdom – peace

Dog – Loyalty

Dolphin – Communication – harmony

Dragonfly – Creativity – skill

Eagle – Power – healing

Firefly – Illumination

Fox – Cleverness – discretion

Frog – Peace – love – healing

Goat – Diligence

Hawk – Awareness – honesty

Hedgehog – Protection

Horse – Transformation – change

Hummingbird – Beauty – movement

Lizard – Releasing

Loon – Communication – serenity

Mouse – Illusion – charm – charisma

Otter – Joy – balance – uplifting

Owl – Wisdom – healing – insight

Peacock – Self-assurance

Pelican – Abundance – fortune

Porcupine – Humility

Quail – Group harmony

Rabbit – Overcoming – protection – luck

Ram – Determination

Raven – Mystical exploration

Salmon – Persistence

Seagull – Freedom

Seahorse – Nourishing

Seal – Tranquility

Snail – Perseverance

Snake – Power – protection

Spider – Connection

Squirrel – Honesty

Swan – Nurturing

Turtle – Knowledge – healing

Whale – Intuition

Wolf – Loyalty

Having a spirit animal is like having a guardian angel. They present themselves to whoever that seeks them. When you have understood the archetypal energies associated with each creature, it would enable you to know the particular spirit animal to summon when performing your magical rituals.




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How to Perform Frau Holda Ritual


According to German folklore, a feast is held to celebrate Frau Holle on Walpurgis Night. On this eve, witches gather together to worship, while dancing around bonfires. This is one of the Holiest of Eves as it marks the conclusion of Holle’s Wild hunt and the beginning of the Spring cycle.

This practice is held from the beginning of sunset on the Eve of May Day ( April 30). During this period, the windows sills are left open so as to invite Frau Holle into one’s home for a blessing.

Below is a ritual to perform to Frau Holda in order to bring blessings into your Home and to your Family and Friends. It can also be used to Swear Solemn Oaths for Prosperity.

Items Needed:

  • Smudge Stick
  • Wine glass and Wine/ Mead/ Cider or apple juice
  • Fire cauldron (can be small to put oaths into it)
  • Incense
  • Salt
  • Paper and pen
  • Bread/ cakes


  • Set up the Altar and place the above items at their respective spots.
  • Purify the area using Cedar or Sage,
  • You can burn a smudge stick to purify and hallow the ground.
  • Draw your circle using salt.
  • Light up the Incense then as it burns, call out to the quarters by reciting:


We call the Powers of the North

Whose icy fingers in Winter

Grips Mother Earth with her frigid hand

Changing the landscape into a Wonderland of Snow eternal.

Hail and Welcome

We call upon the Powers of the East

Whose Air and wind

Lifts up our eyes to the horizon

And brings dreams of good fortune and far off destinations.

Hail and Welcome

We call upon the Great Powers of the South

Whose Fires of hearth and home

Burns fiercely in our hearts, forging Family and Friendship

Eternal in our souls.

Hail and Welcome

We call upon the Powers of the West

Whose Waters filled with creatures great and small

Surrounds us with dreams of soul-searching journeys

Delving into the unknown depths of the unseen.

Hail and Welcome

We call the Ancients of Antiquity and to the Spirit Guides for their Protection, and we ask them for their good tidings.

Purpose of Ritual/ Intent

The Purpose: To Honor Frau Holda and ask for her Blessings on Family and Friends, Heart and Home as she turns the Great Wheel on this Walpurgisnacht.


We are gathered this evening to Honor Frau Holle. She touches every part of our lives with her inspiration and her courage.  It is on this Hollowed Eve that she concludes the Wild Hunt and returns with those Souls to the Other world for Rebirth, so she may once again turn the wheel, so we may begin again the life cycle with the uncovering of Spring.

Frau Holle, we beseech you; may fresh plowing of the sod and the first Spring planting of the Seeds flourish to bring us love among family and friends.  May our hearts be warmed with laughter and good cheer.  May our community be united and prosper with jobs for all.  May we be Blessed with your abundance and rewarded for our endeavors.

On this Hollowed Night of Walpurgisnacht, we honor you and invite you into our homes for your Blessings.  We open our windows so you may enter and give us your Blessings.

Hail and Greetings Lady and Mistress of the Wild Hunt. Frau Holda.

We Honor You and seek your Good Tidings.



Hail Great Mother Holle,

We bid you to come into our circle this Holy Eve

Mistress of the Wild Hunt

We Honor you and ask for your Blessings.

Keeper of the Hearth and Home

Protectors of Children and Women

We Honor you and ask for your Blessings.

Guardian of the Great Wheel

And Patron of Spinners and the craft of fibers

We Honor you and Ask for your Blessings.

Great Mother Holle

Your Children Beseech you

We Honor you and Ask for your Blessings.

Hail Mother Holle

Keeper of the Sacred Well

Bless this Hallowed ground and altar.

Hail and Welcome into our circle of Love and Light on this Walpurgis Night.


Cone of Power: Offering of our Solemn Oaths

If you have an Oath you would like to pledge to the Goddess Frau Holle, you may write them on a paper and put them into the burning cauldron to take your words to the Goddess. For example, I plan to be a better listener to my partner, etc…

Meditate on the Oath or Intent you would like to bring before Frau Holle.

Visualize her as the Great Mother Goddess whose heart is open to your needs and wants. Embrace her with your heart and open your mind to her. You are one of her Sacred Children and She is wanting to claim you as her own.  She has stretched her arms out over a millennium and has been the caretaker of souls who are in need of finding their way to the Other world.  On this holy night, she leads the way on her mighty steed driving the Wild Hunt to its climax.  She turns the Great wheel where she will now usher in the tidings of Spring.

After Meditating and giving great thought to your Oaths, put them down in writing and throw them into the Cauldron of the Night Ride.  She will take with her these Oaths as she begins the cycle of rebirth. Visualize her night ride across the star-lit sky, the wind at your face and the Moon at your side.  Hear the thunder of the horses’ hooves in your ears.  Face your fears and know you are safe and dwell within her heart.  Your Solemn Oaths you have given. She rides this Eve Triumphantly.

So Mote it be.


Blessed Frau Holle

Be with us and celebrate the joy we have during this Spring season.

Be our honored guest so we may share with you our love and admiration.

Lady of the Fields and Hearth, please grant us your stay

Let us share with you our fruits of sacrifice so we may be forever joined with you.

This is to Give an offering of the sacred wine or cider or Mead and Cake (sacrifice) to the Goddess Holle:


We lift our heart to you and sing our Praise and Thanksgiving.

Let us lift our glasses (horn) to the Mother Goddess Frau Holle.

We offer this sacred Mead and other gifts of bread/ or cakes to you as a token of our great admiration.

We are grateful for your diligence and watchful presence over the great halls of antiquity, hearth, and home.

We are grateful for the bonds of friendship and family, one with each other, in the days and seasons to come.

As the Great Wheel of the year turns once more on this Hollowed Eve we give you Thanks and Honor Great Mother Holle.

We have sworn and given our Solemn Oaths.

Hail Frau Holle

Heel Frau Holle

Hail Frau Holle



Pour the remainder of the mead or cider onto the ground and say:

A gift for a gift

In the name of Frau Holle

Blessed be Frau Holle.

Farewell and Departure: Opening the Circle

We thank the Goddess Frau Holle for her Blessings.

May her Blessings be in our hearts and present in our Minds.

Who is the safeguard of our Oaths, dreams and desires.

May they grow and flourish as the Great Wheel turns and Spring rebounds.

Blessed be the Elements and the Elemental, the Ancients of Antiquity, and the Spirit Guides.

May they go in Peace.

As it is Above

So it is Below


Close the Circle:


This circle is open

But never broken

Merry Meet and Merry Part

Until we Merry Meet again.

Close the circle.



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