A Spell of Banishment – Mirror Banishing

This spell of banishment will banish a person or entity from your presence. These types of Banishment spells when used on people often isolate the person, as they are no longer able to be around you, or anyone else you are around.

Mirror Banishing

This spell directs someone’s vision back towards themselves, making you invisible to them. Not literally of course. For this spell, you will need:

• A small mirror
• Photo or drawing of the person
• Piece of onyx
• A pinch of mugwort

Place the mirror flat on a table, and sprinkle a pinch of mugwort in one spot on the face of the mirror. Lay the photo face-down on the mirror so the face of the person is over the mugwort. Repeat the following words:

You cannot see me
You cannot hear me
You do not want me
Now let me be

Now set the piece of onyx on top of the photo, also over where the persons face is (or as close as you can get since the photograph is lying upside down at this point).

Repeat the words again, and leave the items on your altar to keep this person away. For the most powerful effect, cast this banishing spell on the night of the new moon.

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