Choosing the best Demon to summon

The first step in this process is becoming knowledgable on the subject of demons, and the different types. So, you can’t be lazy on reading or finding information. If you are then you are wasting your time, and might as well hire someone to do the spell for you.  Different demons serve different purposes.

How does one choose the proper demon? Here are a few different approaches on the topic.

– You’ll need to do a good bit of research and study the various demonic literature.  Make a list of the demons that seem as if they’d helpful with your matter and reflect on your feelings about their name and meaning, enn, sigil. Choose the demon that appeals to you more than the others. If you’re still undecided, try to make contact with each on your list. The strongest connection you’ve received will create a feeling of excitement.

– Trust yourself and your feelings.  If you’re fascinated in specific demon, then there is a high chance this demon represents things in which you feel strongly about, or are weak on… weak (great opportunity to learn). Or you may just know which one is best for the occasion. Trust your gut instinct.

– The Demon can choose you. If you feel a strong attraction or the demon calls you, you’ll feel a personal energy calling for your attention, seeking you out. You’ll find clues, events,  and even coincidences that raise your interest in this demon. Take the signs for what they are and run with it.

– Ask mentally in your voice “which demon would be most suitable for..[what you’d like to achieve here]”  and wait for the response. When it comes, ask for a name. This way you’ll often meet demons that are not mentioned in any literature. There are thousands of thousands of thousands demons, and more that aren’t documented. In literature we’ve met only a fraction of them so it’s not surprising if a “new” demon answers. Don’t be alarmed or wary of it’s presence.



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