Curse of Suicide

In order for this to work you will need to be near a river, preferably a clear one in the woods or somewhere private out of sight from prying eyes.  Do not perform this spell in a rage, you will need to breath deeply and meditate until you feel more calm.

You will need a parchment paper and something to write with, black ink will do, a black or very dark candle, a knife or dagger and a small bowl. You will also need a flat surface to draw your ritual circle on or a paper/cloth that was prepared before arriving at the river.

The circle in which you will perform the ritual will need to have a large symbol of chaos as shown below. The energy of this symbol will help drive your spell to it’s intended victim and leave them powerless.

Circle of Chaos

Draw your circle of chaos or lay out the paper/cloth you have previously made and arrange your tools on top of it. The bowl will need to be in the center of the circle, the dagger or knife will need to be to your right, the candle will be on your left and the parchment will be right in front of you.

Write the victim’s name you  wish to suffer on the parchment while thinking of the reasoning behind your will to cause pain.

Set the parchment aside and light the candle while keeping your victim’s image and their feeling of pain in your minds eye.

Take the parchment and burn it making sure the ashes fall inside of the bowl.

Take the Knife/Dagger and cut your arm or hand, letting the blood drip into the bowl. You will only need about a teaspoon or so.

You will then mix the blood and ashe with the silver knife/dagger and then throw the mixture into the river a drop at the time while chanting the following:

Repeat x3

May the pain you feel be eleven fold
May your body soon go limp and cold
Chaos bleeds for me across this open sea

So mote it be, So mote it be.

Darkness will encompass your mind soon in time
The will to live will expire

So mote it be, So mote it be.

If you perform this properly, the death shall come within a year but the first symptoms may come whenever after performing the curse.

Be very careful when performing this curse as it is extremely dangerous and can backfire. If you start experiencing nightmares or hearing /feeling violent voices after performing you must have a cleansing ritual performed on  your spirit.


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