For this Spell you need 3 black candles, a small piece of clean paper and your Athame. Set up your altar and put the three candles on it so that they form a triangle. Cast the circle which is very important for this spell because you will need good protection. Write the name of the person which did you harm on the piece of paper, fold it three times and put it in the middle of the triangle. Light the candles while thinking about the person which you want to punish and you must also feel the anger. Take your athame and hold it with both hands above the paper. Now speak the following words:

“I evoke the Spirits
Which justice will bring
On the path of anger you shall ride
My tortured soul let be your guide.

The power of the threefold law
On your skin you shall feel
For the harm you did to me
The pain into your soul I seal.

Three times bad
I wish upon Thee
Three times bad
For the pain you caused me.”

Now stab the paper with your athame as if it was the person you wish to punish.