Choosing the best Demon to summon

The Demon Baphomet

The first step in this process is becoming knowledgable on the subject of demons, and the different types. So, you can’t be lazy on reading or finding information. If you are then you are wasting your time, and might as well hire someone to do the spell for you.  Different demons serve different purposes.

How does one choose the proper demon? Here are a few different approaches on the topic.

– You’ll need to do a good bit of research and study the various demonic literature.  Make a list of the demons that seem as if they’d helpful with your matter and reflect on your feelings about their name and meaning, enn, sigil. Choose the demon that appeals to you more than the others. If you’re still undecided, try to make contact with each on your list. The strongest connection you’ve received will create a feeling of excitement.

– Trust yourself and your feelings.  If you’re fascinated in specific demon, then there is a high chance this demon represents things in which you feel strongly about, or are weak on… weak (great opportunity to learn). Or you may just know which one is best for the occasion. Trust your gut instinct.

– The Demon can choose you. If you feel a strong attraction or the demon calls you, you’ll feel a personal energy calling for your attention, seeking you out. You’ll find clues, events,  and even coincidences that raise your interest in this demon. Take the signs for what they are and run with it.

– Ask mentally in your voice “which demon would be most suitable for..[what you’d like to achieve here]”  and wait for the response. When it comes, ask for a name. This way you’ll often meet demons that are not mentioned in any literature. There are thousands of thousands of thousands demons, and more that aren’t documented. In literature we’ve met only a fraction of them so it’s not surprising if a “new” demon answers. Don’t be alarmed or wary of it’s presence.



How to make a pact with Lucifer, Satan or the Devil

So you want to sell your soul to the devil, satan, lucifer, beelzebub, or however you wish to address the dark lord.  I don’t recommend doing this, but considering the state of the world, why not? It probably couldn’t get too much worse.

This spell, or pact should be done by yourself, not with a group unless they are as dedicated as you and have zero doubts about doing it. Any doubt in this will cause it to fail or possibly even backfire.

First Preparations:

  • Bathe yourself, and make sure anyone else participating is clean as well. It is best you cleanse each other to verify you’ve both been thoroughly washed.
  • Obtain a more black or red candle. Not the kind at your grandma’s house, a really nice tapered candle, suitable for a respectable altar. Satanism is vanity, and vanity includes acquiring aesthetically appealing tools.
  • A small pin or anointed dagger.
  • A piece of parchment paper, or plain sheet of white paper.
  • A small nail that can be used for writing, feathered pen, or similar instrument. This will be used to sign your names in blood.

The pact and how it should be written:

Surround yourself with the candles you have chosen on your altar and light them. After the candles are steady, brace your left palm against the back of your right hand and hold them in front of you, as if they are cuffed. Close your eyes and focus on your goal, prepare mentally what you want to write in the pact. The words can be brief but must be strong.

After you have envisioned exactly what you want to write. Write it precisely and in rhythm. Explain what you want, how you want it to happen, when you want it happen and why you want it to happen, being as thorough as possible. Do not write angrily or with demise, be sincere and concise.

You can either keep your pact in a safe place, or burn it –  letting the elements consume it by returning it to the earth.

Here is an example of a pact:

I, [enter your name], in my free will affirm and sacrifice myself to You, Lucifer the light bringer and master of knowledge, as a dedicated disciple and follower.

This affirmation is a pact with you Lucifer, as it is my desire, and I reflect this with the intensity of this is manifested by my flowing blood.

I consecrate my body as a your child, and forever a worshipper of you.

On this day in time I dedicate myself to you Lucifer.



You will then sign the pact:

Take the  pin and prick the index finger of your left or sinister hand with the pin, squeeze out a drop of blood. Use the writing instrument and dip it into the blood. Sign your name(s) at the bottom of your pact.

At the end of the ritual, remember to say “So mote it be”.

You will blow the candles out, as you are now in complete control of your destiny; this act establishes the beginning of this power.
After you’ve finished be sure to go for a walk, or spend some time dancing, laughing or re-grounding yourself to the universe. Do not do anything constructive, creative or engage in any conversation until you have re-grounded yourself as it can be dangerous to you, and others.

Orb of Darkness Nightmare Curse

This spell will need to be performed alone, it requires a black candle and should be performed at nightfall.

You will begin by lighting the candle within a dark and quiet room, again you should make sure you are alone in your house or building.

After lighting the candle, start to meditate for a few moments about how much you despise your victim or how much you hate them and what they have done to you.

After you have thought about this for some time, begin chanting this passage:


I cast this curse to whom has dealt me worse, may the terrors of the night come their way.
Dreams of terror shall fill their slumber, the agony of hell shall fall on them right away.
Stare long and deep into the  black candle imagining your enemy standing with their fears circling around them.

Open your hand and visualize a small black orb within it growing bigger and bigger with your anger. The size of the orb will depend on how much  pain you want to bring your enemy.

After you have visualized the ball large enough or comparable to your hatred for your enemy, you will then aim it at the candle while looking back into the candle and visualize all of your enemies fears jumping into them.

You will need to visualize the agony of your enemies face in reaction to their fears taking over their body and mind.  You will then blow the black orb into the fire and blow the flame out at the same time.

After blowing out the candle, you will need to chant the following:


Relief at last, this curse has been cast.
[your enemies name here] shall hurt me no more.
Revenge has been taken, I am not mistaken.
Darkness has delivered my wrath.

A Spell of Banishment – Mirror Banishing

This spell of banishment will banish a person or entity from your presence. These types of Banishment spells when used on people often isolate the person, as they are no longer able to be around you, or anyone else you are around.

Mirror Banishing

This spell directs someone’s vision back towards themselves, making you invisible to them. Not literally of course. For this spell, you will need:

• A small mirror
• Photo or drawing of the person
• Piece of onyx
• A pinch of mugwort

Place the mirror flat on a table, and sprinkle a pinch of mugwort in one spot on the face of the mirror. Lay the photo face-down on the mirror so the face of the person is over the mugwort. Repeat the following words:

You cannot see me
You cannot hear me
You do not want me
Now let me be

Now set the piece of onyx on top of the photo, also over where the persons face is (or as close as you can get since the photograph is lying upside down at this point).

Repeat the words again, and leave the items on your altar to keep this person away. For the most powerful effect, cast this banishing spell on the night of the new moon.